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New Productions Coming to Schenectady 2011-12



Writer: Mikki Del Monico (From Schenectady)

Producer: Melanie Oram

Director: Randall Dottin


Tristen Wilds  (“90210”)

Roger Guenveur Smith

Rosalyn Coleman

Ann Dowd


The INDELIBLE Creative Team consists of Harlemites Randall Dottin (director) and Melanie RW Oram (Producer), LA resident Mikki del Monico (writer), and Upstate New York resident Kevin Craig West (associate producer) who have joined together not just to make a movie but to complete a mission: to change the way young women of color see their world. By combining their love of arts and activism the INDELIBLE Creative Team desires to tell a compelling story about how a Black woman perseveres despite tremendous personal, professional, and spiritual odds. The next project milestone is a shoot that is planned for December 2010 and we need your help to 1) accomplish this task successfully and 2) put us one step closer to our ultimate goal: completing this film.

INDELIBLE tells the story of El Bonds, a leading African American geneticist who discovers that her teenage son, Adrian has developed Yeagar’s, a disease that has already claimed the life of her husband. While El searches for a way to mitigate Adrian’s symptoms, she opts to hide his prognosis from him. El’s impressive work on Yaeger’s earns her a prestigious science award, but her mid-size pharmaceutical company, Sun Pharmaceuticals, decides to pull the funding on her Yaeger’s research. The Sun CEO directs El to focus her efforts on developing a diet pill —a potentially more profitable endeavor.

As the clock runs out on her financial backing, El is running out of time to complete the most important work of her life: to save her son by finding a cure for Yaeger’s. El continues her research in secret, gets locked out of her lab, and joins a competitive pharmaceutical firm to continue her quest. When all hope appears to be lost because El faces scientific dead ends, corporate roadblocks, and Adrian’s rapidly escalating symptoms, she must be willing to find the courage to take the risks necessary to reach her goal: to save her son from dying and rid the world of this terrible disease. Ultimately she is only able to find answers when she shuns self-reliance and develops her faith.


In a time when children’s voices are silenced, a courageous 13 year old Italian-American girl sparks a landmark, controversial trial when she accuses her stepfather of a heinous crime.

Director: Arthur Allan Seidelman

Writers: Tom Ecobelli, Lora Lee Ecobelli


Chris Cooper

Ellen Burstyn

Julie Kavner

Raoul Bova


(Scheduled for release late 2012-early 2013)


Premier at the Toronto Film Festival in September!

A motorcycle stunt rider considers committing a crime in order to provide for his wife and child, an act that puts him a collision course with a cop turned politician.

Director: Derek Cianfrance

Writers: Derek Cianfrance and Ben Coccio (from Niskyauna)


Ryan Gosling

Bradley Cooper

Rose Byrne

Eva Mendes

Ray Liotta

Ben Mendelsohn


In Schenectady

OPEN CASTING CALL - Feature Film - “Electric City”

Synopsis:  Upon receiving an eviction notice, Tammy and her three children; Justin, Synthia, and Brian begin to drift towards their individual escape and survival plans. Brian takes it upon himself to keep his family from breaking and dividing. However, Brian finds solace at Electric City Comics, with his Uncle Neil. As their relationship grows closer, and the family’s more dire, Brian's desperation and eagerness to help his own family take the reigns over Neil's attempts to help him. As the eviction date nears, and his family's lives plummet, will Brian be able to save his family? Or will he witness failure in his attempt to take on this responsibility.

Nick DeRuve, Read Between the Lines Productions

Bio: Nick DeRuve was born in Schenectady, New York in 1985. He attended Niskayuna high school where he discovered his passion for filmmaking. In 2003 he produced, wrote and directed his first short film which won honors at the Reel Teens Film Festival. He pursued filmmaking at the Long Island University at CW Post where he earned a BFA in Film. During his undergraduate program he made several short films, and as school came to an end DeRuve produced, wrote and co-directed a feature film which premiered at Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady, New York. Upon the completion of the film DeRuve continued to work in independent cinema in the tri-state area as a Gaffer and Key Grip for over four years before deciding to return to school, and pursue an MFA in Filmmaking.

Making the move from New York City to Los Angeles, DeRuve didn't waste any time, he made a 16mm, black and white silent. The short made its world premiere at the New York City International Film Festival where it was nominated Best Student Film. After a brief festival run, the film would receive the Award of Excellence at the Best Shorts Competition. Not a year later he completed Dr.Thompson (2011) which made its world premiere at the Burbank International Film Festival. It was awarded Best Student Film, and would continue screening across the country. Most recently DeRuve produced a short that was an Official Selection of Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner(2012), and was awarded Best Student Film at the LA Film and Script Festival. DeRuve is currently in preproduction on a feature film entitled Electric City (2013) which will mark his feature film directorial debut.

Producer:                    Roger Moran, Mind/View Films

Casting By:                 Adrienne Stern

Additional Casting:    Carolyn Cocca, Cocca Casting
Audition Dates:                      *Saturday, August 18*
                                   (Male Roles: Speedy, Larry, Matt, Aaron)

                                                 *Sunday, August 19* 
                                   (Female Roles: Liz, Adrian, Kori, Aimee, Jen-Jen)

Time:                         9am – 6pm
Location:                  1473 Erie Boulevard, Schenectady, NY
Shoot Date:              Approximately September 10 – October 6, 2012
Status                     SAG Modified Low
Pay Rate:                  Compensation


SPEEDY- Male 18- is second in command to Justin in the neighborhood gang. He is short and stocky with the worst pitbull-like qualities. His only goals are money and power, and he'll do anything to achieve them...AFRICAN-AMERICAN-Supporting

LARRY- Male 18- is the getaway driver for the neighborhood gang. He is long and lanky, and smoked one too many blunts in his day. He is the heel of the gang, but is quick to assert his power to anyone who displays weakness... CAUCASIAN...Supporting

MATT- Male 20- is a natural born pushover. His chubbiness has been the butt of jokes for years, and he follows the leader in any given situation. Being a product of his environment, he too finds the weak to pray on...CAUCASIAN...Supporting

AARON- Male 20- is a cocky rich kid who solves his problems with his parent’s money. Never appreciating the value of a dollar, he uses his money as a means to provide popularity and class...CAUCASIAN...Supporting

LIZ- Female 43- is originally from the south, and as loving as her soul food. She's a strong minded independent woman, a single mother of two. She'll work any job she can get her hands on, but nothing that takes attention away from her kin...AFRICAN-AMERICAN...Supporting

ADRIAN-Female 17- who has adapted all her mother's best qualities. She provides Justin with an escape, a loving environment for him to come home to, and looks after her sisters and baby...

KORI-Female 10- is innocently adorable. Everything that comes out of her mouth melts your heart...AFRICAN-AMERICAN...Featured Extra

AIMEE-Female 25- is a fellow waitress, and friend of Tammy. She is Tammy's connect to the dangerous side of Electric City, seeking acceptance from a mother figure for herself...

JEN-JEN-Female 18- is a developed "honey" from the block who Synthia follows for acceptance. She has a sharp attitude to protect her from the parallels of her dangerous habit...

VIDEO SUBMISSIONS - Those who cannot attend the auditions please record one take of the sides provided and upload your clip to Vimeo or YouTube. This uploaded video should be password protected. The only people who should see this audition is you, the director, and his team. Send your submission to ElectricCityCasting@gmail.com with a subject of:
ELECTRIC CITY AUDITION TAPE.  Attach a .pdf of your resume, and a .jpeg of your head shot. Slate for the camera:  YOUR NAME AND CHARACTER you are auditioning for.  Be sure that somewhere in your submission materials  your contact information is included.


Please email  ElectricCityCasting@gmail.com
in order to obtain the specific sides for the role you are auditioning for or for your video submission.


Thank you for your interest in “Electric City”. For updates and further information on the film please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.





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HBO project

A new HBO Films movie, "Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight," filmed scenes in Albany and Schenectady on May 10 and 11, 2012.



Another Fireball First! Breaking from the usual RFP model of city, state and business leadership attracting Fireball Run to a destination- A film commission has taken the lead and will be coordinating the elements necessary to bring the live event. Fireball Run is proud to announce Schenectady, NY as an official destination city for the 2012 FIREBALL RUN “Northern Exposure” –a historic third stop in New York State.

The FIREBALL RUN Adventurally is a national live event and film series, headquartered at Universal Studios. The 8-day, 15 city, 2,500 mile interactive road rally and entertainment property supports the Race to Recovery of America’s Missing Children.

The Fireball Run’s Race to Recover America’s Missing Children is the largest active recovery effort for missing and exploited children in the country. Each team is assigned a child from their home region along with thousands of posters to distribute along the route. A decal featuring the child is affixed to the vehicle, creating a rolling awareness campaign. To date, the effort has assisted in the recovery of 38 missing children.

More information regarding the details of the Schenectady stop will be revealed by the Schenectady Film Commission in the coming months; however, the FIREBALL RUN production encourages the public to come out, get autographs, and show their support for the cause and all the teams in each destination.

Locals will be welcome to meet the teams as they arrive in Schenectady on Wednesday, September 26th and watch them “green flag” the following morning, Thursday, September 27th on their way to the next destination, Waterbury, Connecticut.

Fans nationwide will be able to watch LIVE on FireballRun.com/LIVE beginning Friday September 21st as the 40 character-driven teams and their unique vehicles begin arriving in Independence, OH for Sunday’s exciting start. The rally will continue to be streamed live online and tracked via GPS as it traverses the Northeast until its dramatic conclusion Saturday, September 29th in Bangor Maine.

American Pickers in the Capital District!

That’s right Mike and Frank are currently picking in the Capital District from August 13-22.  They won’t go home empty handed either. We found some great picks for them!